The MorningStar Process

At MorningStar, our sourcing, assessment and research process is proprietary and uses many of the industry’s best practices. MorningStar will use tools and strategies that will radically reduce a company's costs and time, while maintaining and enhancing candidate quality and retention.

Step 1. Cultural Needs Analysis and Job Order Qualification
Client job orders are qualified by MorningStar to assure the resources and ability to successfully source and qualify candidates is present.

Step 2. Candidate Sourcing
MorningStar places the ad on general and/or niche appropriate job boards. Simultaneously, MorningStar begins searching for passive candidates that fulfill the position’s specifications. These searches are done in a proprietary database, public and private access employment databases and across the web. In all, our process searches numerous documents, sites and places for our client’s passive job seekers.

Step 3. Competency/Skill Analysis
A questionnaire is created that screens the candidate’s qualifications and experience in relation to the client’s position’s requirements. This analysis provides the MorningStar Team with a deeper appreciation of the candidates’ credentials while enabling more insightful and performance based live interview questions.

Step 4: Comprehensive Behavioral Telephone Interviews
The MorningStar team will conduct telephone interviews with all prospective candidates prior to being forwarded to the client. This process further substantiates this individual will be a valuable asset to the client. Most people who “look good on paper” do not make it through this screening, which employs interviewing techniques based in assessing motivators, actual skills and abilities, and behavioral assessments.

Step 5. Candidate Performance Assessment & Background Checks
MorningStar has access to over 250 pre-employment and behavioral assessment tools that are approved by the APA (American Psychological Association). Such tools further assess candidates’ potential performance capabilities, behaviors and motivations. Thus, further determining the compatibility of the candidate with the clients’ position and culture. MorningStar can offer some of the world’s most advanced tools for identifying and understanding the interaction between potential candidate’s motivations and personality traits. Such tools enhance the likelihood that the candidates chosen for the client will be suitable for that particular job function and/or team. Background checks and assessments help to provide the peace of mind that the candidate is who they say they are. *

MorningStar’s Benefits

NO COACHING: We work exclusively for the client. MorningStar does not coach the candidates on how to act and what to say to be a good fit for our corporate clients. MorningStar will see that our clients experience the candidates exactly as they are and not the way a traditional recruiting company coaches them to appear for the interviews.

FLEXIBILITY: Clients can choose programs that best meet their needs for fees that are significantly less than Traditional Search firms.

ECONOMICAL: MorningStar Recruitment, Inc. offers Competitive Rates.

*Fees for pre-employment/behavioral testing and reference and/or background checks are additional.