1. Recruitment Agencies go after the passive candidates who may not even be thinking of looking and we “sell” them on the opportunity of exploring a new position.

2. When companies have someone reply directly to them, the company may know the person and know they are NOT top talent. The candidate may love your company…but you may NOT feel the same way about them. It is always easier to have a third party dismiss them than the hiring manager, especially in niche industries.

3. Often, the hiring manager’s will spend a lot of time and energy screening and qualifying candidates who end up being disqualified. Recruitment agencies typically go through dozens (at times hundreds!) before narrowing the field down for clients.

4. Competitive companies are more forgiving and less offended when a recruitment agency takes their people from them, rather than the actual hiring company. You don’t take the heat, we do!

5. Recruitment Agencies can ask questions and probe into areas that the hiring managers are often not able to.

6. Simply listing a need or “putting the word out there” is a “post and pray” passive strategy which does not include many other avenues to getting great talent. It also limits the search capabilities.

7. We do this all day, every day! We save YOU time and money so you and your team may focus on other priorities.


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